Questions to Ask When Designing a Logo

What are the Top Questions to ask when designing a Logo?

Recently, I got to create my first Google Form (a.k.a GForm) to collect business and branding information from a new client.

She had approached me to create a Logo for her new Business Process Management business, but she wasn’t sure what direction to take, so we were starting from Square 1. (A very exciting thing for a Graphic Designer!)

There are common questions that were listed by many different Content Creators, Graphic Designers and Branding Specialists when designing a Logo, some more relevant than others.

My new client had just retired from a successful clinical research position, so she wasn’t looking for a lot of business- which meant more ‘in depth’ questions were unnecessary to include.

21 Questions to Ask when Designing a Logo

1. What is your Business name?

2. What Niche/Industry is your Business involved in?

3. What Product(s) or Service(s) does your Business offer?

4. What are the unique Features and Benefits of your Business’ Product(s) or Service(s)?

5. What are the Core Values and your Mission for your Business?

6. In 5 Words or less, tell me your ‘Brand Personality’.

7. What are Key Points about your Business that you want conveyed in your logo?
e.g Professional, Sustainable, Efficient etc.

8. What is your Business’ Demographic/Target Audience?

9. How do most of your Customers find out about your Business?
e.g. Referrals, Social Media, Website etc.

10.What Platforms are you using to market your Business?
e.g. Website, Social Media, Physical Location, Traditional Media etc.

11. Who are the Top competitors in your Niche/Industry?

12. What are the main point(s) of difference are between You and Your Competitor(s)?

13. Do you have a Tagline or Slogan that you want included in your Logo Design?

14. Do you have specific Brand Colours?
If yes, please provide RGB Hex Code(s) e.g. #Ae8a2d
If no, please name some Colours that would fit your brand personality
(This is a resource I provide to clients by Carey Jolliffe called the Psychology of Colours)

Psychology of Colours graphic by cjolliffe with Positive and Negatives

15. Do you have a specific Typography/Font for your Business?
If yes,
please write the name of that type/font and where you can access it
If no, please describe the types of fonts you would prefer
e.g. Cursive, Block Text, Bold, Stylised etc.

16. Have a look at the 5 different Logo Types below and select the type(s) you would prefer to focus on.
(This is from Alina Wheeler, an authority in the Graphic Design/Branding field)

Graphic Designer Alina Wheelers 5 Logo Types with Descriptions

17. Are there any logos that you like? This can be the logo of a Competitor, Famous Brand etc.
Please send up to 5 links/examples.

18. How will you measure this Logo’s success?
e.g. Return on Investment (ROI), Analytical Goals, Usage Rates etc.

19. Do you have a deadline for this Logo Design Project?

20. What is your Budget for this Logo Design?
(This should reflect how many places or channels your Logo will appear, how many times it will be used and also how
many revisions you will be have/need)

21. Will there be anyone else, 3rd Parties or otherwise, that need to be involved in this project?

These ‘foundational questions‘ will give you 80% – 90% of the relevant information you need, to make informed choices when designing a Logo for a business/brand.

I still recommend researching the topic yourself to see if there is any other questions you would include that that would be relevant to your situation.

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